Scott Leum

Scott Leum is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded several companies over the years, including Leum Software Solutions, Inc. and MediNotes Corporation. In addition to building each business, he was the primary software developer behind each of the company's flagship products. Scott is formally trained as a podiatric physician and surgeon. He attended the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and Des Moines University where he obtained Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degrees in addition to completing a Podiatric Orthopedic Residency and Biomechanics Research Fellowship.

Leum Technologies, Inc. (LeumTech) (2012-present)

LeumTech was founded in 2012 by Scott Leum. Steve Firebaugh, a former Microsoft employee, and Mary White, a previous business partner of Scott's, joined the business soon after.

  • Vernon Tech Center, LLC

    In 2020, LeumTech partnered with Vernon Communications to provide a variety of technology products and services to the community. A separate company was started and Scott serves as general manager for this new venture.

    In 2022, Leum Technologies, Inc. and Vernon Communications mutually agreed to merge Vernon Tech Center into LeumTech, as of March 31st.

  • GoTime Plus

    In 2019, LeumTech began working with Vernon County to build a better timekeeping system. The system was rolled out in phases, and is now actively used throughout the county, as a replacement for the aging TimeForce system that was previously in place.

  • Running Dispatch

    In 2017, LeumTech began working with Running, Inc. to build a statewide dispatching and driver system. The system was rolled out in stages across 350 employees, 21 locations, and 123 vehicles, beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

  • WordPress Design and Hosting

    In 2014, Leum and Firebaugh would become majority owners in a local print shop called Proline Printing. As sister companies, Proline Printing and LeumTech began offering mobile-friendly, low-cost websites to other local businesses. Proline Printing was responsible for the graphics design and content of each website and LeumTech was responsible for hosting and support. In 2021, Leum and Firebaugh sold their interest in Proline Printing and the website design and hosting was transferred to Vernon Tech Center, LLC.

  • LinkEdge Retail Management Software

    The company's flagship product, LinkEdge, was initially designed as a Business-to-Business (B2B) network between retailers and wholesalers for the purpose of buying and selling products. Originally called VendorLync, the product was designed to help small retailers and vendors to connect, buy, and sell products in a secure environment. The system debuted in archery and LeumTech worked closely with Mathews, and later Kinsey's, to offer an archery-specific Point-Of-Sale and Inventory Management solution. Later versions of LinkEdge offered additional features and benefits for many types of small businesses. The software then morphed from a simple point-of-sale to a collection of tools and technologies for almost any small business, including bike shops, ski shops, firearms dealers, print shops, and contractors.

BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Inc. (2009-2012)

Scott was the Chief Software Technologist at BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Inc.. During his time there, he was responsible for overseeing the development of these products:

  • TRAKnet Practice Management

  • PADnet+

  • PADnet Disease Management System (PDMS)

  • TRAKnet Lab

  • TRAKnet Outcomes

Leum Software Solutions, Inc. (2001-2009)

Scott was the President and Founder of Leum Software Solutions, Inc., before it's assets were acquired by BioMedix in 2009. The company focused on developing specialized software applications for the retail and medical industries. These applications included:

  • Ascend

    Building Better Bike Shops was the goal of Ascend Retail Management Software. What started out as a simple project to help a friend, Mark Brone, run his bike shop, grew into an international electronic dealer network that was eventually purchased by TREK Bicycle Corporation in 2004. Ascend was unique in that it came pre-loaded with vendor catalogs and was the first point-of-sale system to provide electronic ordering and display of real-time quantities from Quality Bicycle Products, a bicycle parts distributor.

  • Encompass

    As part of the purchase agreement with TREK, Leum Software was granted the right to create a sister version of Ascend for use outside of the bicycle industry. The product was named Encompass Retail Management Software and was used by a variety of businesses, including La Crosse Fireplace Co. and Ginny's Antiques. A later version of the product was used by Harmony Valley Farm for delivery scheduling.

  • PodMed

    Typically, a medical practice needed to purchase separate software for billing, charting, etc. PodMed changed all that by offering billing, charting, scheduling, and inventory management in a single software application. Redundancy and duplicate entry disappeared while efficiency increased dramatically.

  • Interpret

    Interpret was a diagnostic reporting software application designed for use with Nihon Kohden's EEG and MEB series of medical devices. It's purpose was to import raw data from the medical device and convert the data into a medical report for the signing physician.

  • AppMed

    Scott worked with Jeff Stoy in 2001 to develop a medical billing application called AppMed. The software was Windows based and primarily sold to podiatrists.

MediNotes Corporation (1996-2000)

Scott founded MediNotes Corporation in February, 1996 and was President until he resigned in 2000. During his time there, he was responsible for developing these applications:

  • PodNotes

    This was the flagship product of MediNotes which was sold to podiatrists and was designed to create and manage History and Physicals (H&P), progress (SOAP) notes, and operative (surgical) reports. One of the most notable features of the software was the ability to "touch where it hurts" and to assemble sentences and paragraphs using a class library of medical objects.

  • Charting Plus

    The company later decided to expand outside of podiatric medicine. With this decision, and with the recent Evaluation and Management (E&M) requirements, a new product was needed and Charting Plus was designed and built as a result.