The uncluttered interface is easy-to-understand and easy-to-use. For example, when you want to sell something, you click the Sell tab.


Our systems costs $100/month, per location, with an annual commitment. We don't believe in nickel-diming, so you won't pay extra for more users, more devices, or more features. And, we haven't raised our price in 11 years, since we started selling LinkEdge!

Industry Specific

LinkEdge works in nearly any retail environment. However, we've built custom features just for archery shops and bike shops.


LinkEdge makes it easier to do business with Vendors.

  • Send Purchase Orders
  • Receive Shipments
  • Print Labels
  • Universal Product Library
  • Vendor Linking
  • Nightly Product Updates*
  • Invoice to PO*
* = Selected Vendors


LinkEdge is a complete Point-Of-Sale system that includes support for scanning barcodes, processing credit cards, printing receipts, and opening a cash drawer. This system allows you to create quotes, layaways, work orders, sales, refunds, and down-payments as well as receive cash, check, credit card, and gift card payments.

  • Scan Barcodes
  • Active and Redeem Gift Cards
  • Process Credit Cards
  • Print Receipts
  • Open Cash Drawer

Customers and Sales

Build relationships with your customers and view their purchase history in LinkEdge.

  • Quotes
  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Work Orders
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Send Invoices and Pay Online
  • Send Statements and Pay Online
  • Alerts
  • Appointments
  • Notes

Employees and Time Clock

  • Assign Permissions
  • Punch In and Out with Time Clock


Whether you have 1 store or many, LinkEdge manages your inventory efficiently and accurately. You can serialize products, view current inventory, reorder low inventory, and reconcile.

Inventory is automatically adjusted when receiving shipments, completing sales, and processing refunds.

Other Inventory Features:

  • Multiple Locations
  • Serialization
  • Reconciler
  • Min/Max
  • Division


LinkEdge offers a lot of reports for managing your business. Each report can be exported to Excel or as a PDF.

  • Activity Summary & Details
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Daysheet
  • Daily Cash Drawer
  • Gift Card Balances
  • Product History
  • Sales By Category
  • Sales By Hour
  • Sales Tax
  • Time Clock
  • And Many More!


A full-featured appointment scheduler is built into LinkEdge which can be used to create appointments for employees by location and with customers. In addition, transactions can be attached to appointments or created from the appointment. View appointments by day, week, and month and see a comprehensive view of all employees at once.

  • Appointments
  • Reminders
  • Work Orders